Wealth Builder

When you're a real estate agent, it can be hard to save for retirement or make passive income. We recognize this can be hard, so we offer real financial strategies to help you - now and into the future. Your best days are ahead of you and we want to make sure you enjoy them!

Referral Rewards

We love working with Coldwell Banker agents to succeed! Because of that, we know your referrals will help us build a fantastic and talented team. When you refer an agent to us, you'll earn a reward. Talk about passive income!

Legal Assistance Program

Feel secure in every transaction knowing we have protection. With our very own legal team, you have protection for settlements, judgements, costs, and legal fees. This is arguably our favorite thing in our Agent Success Package!

Professional Growth

Take advantage of opportunities to move into management locally, nationally, and globally. We also offer regular Wealth Expos to offer advice and guidance for your business.

When you're an independent contractor, insurance, benefits, and saving for retirement aren't always readily available. With our company resources, we are able to solve that problem.

Learn more about SPARK, our benefits solution.


Wealth Builder Expos were created to offer real estate professionals clear and actionable financial strategies they can use to grow and protect their personal wealth, now and into the future. These events feature top industry professionals and agents who share guidance and insights on real estate investments, eliminating debt, personal tax planning, retirement strategies and more.

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